Mercedes sued by German Environmental Aid because of S-Class advertising image

The war against misinformation is a long one, and the latest “victim” is the emissions sticker for the new S-Class flagship, according to a recent report.

Every car manufacturer strives to have good performance overall in relation to the fuel consumption and nowadays especially in relation to the CO2 emissions. So, slipping under the rug some bad info is just a step away, and according to claims by the German Environmental Aid Association (DUH), Daimler has elected to misinterpret information related to the new S-Class, more specific to the AMG versions.

Calling the German automaker into court, the DUH claims Daimler is advertising in national newspapers and magazines, on large displays and electronic media that the entire range of the new S-Class has CO2 emissions between 213 and 225 g/km and efficiency classes between A and D. The German association warns that actually the S 63 AMG 4Matic and S 63 AMG have energy classes of F and E and CO2 emissions of 247 g/km and 237 g/km respectively.

Before turning to court, the spokesperson for the German Environmental Aid Association said they invited Daimler to refrain from such future misleading information, and not to follow in the footsteps of Volkswagen, which was a few years back implicated in a scandal regarding such misinformation.