Mercedes sued in US over diesel emissions allegations image

The tree pointed start brand has been accused by an owner of a Mercedes diesel model that the German automaker has deliberately set its Clean Diesel cars to over pollute, according to law firm Hagens Berman.

Not only Volkswagen is under scrutiny after it admitted in September to have cheated on diesel emissions tests, but all other carmakers which develop the theology are under a heavy spotlight. There are numerous reports targeting many other diesel models that are supposedly exceeding by a mile the emissions limits. And Mercedes-Benz is one of the automakers under fire. There are also quite a few diesel owners not so happy with the idea that their cars are over polluting, deciding to act accordingly and not to wait to be compensated by the indicted companies. After opening class-action suits against Volkswagen, one of those disappointed owners also sued Mercedes-Benz in the United States, accusing the carmaker of knowingly programming its BlueTEC diesels vehicles to emit illegally high levels of nitrogen oxide. The person said in a statement that on-road testing has shown Mercedes’s Clean Diesel cars produced average on-road NOx emissions that were 19 times above the US standard, with some instantaneous readings as high as 65 times more than the limit.

Daimler has repeatedly denied that it cheated the emissions tests as well, after measurements performed by the Dutch Organisation for Applied Science Research on a Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI showed that the model is not complying with the emissions laws. Mercedes-Benz said the suit, filed in New Jersey las week, was unfounded. A spokesman stated the carmaker would examine the levels and defend itself against the complaint.

Via Reuters