Mercedes Surpasses BMW in February US Sales image

Mercedes managed to surpass BMW last month with an increase of 22% in US sales, thanks to its C-Class sedan.

Mercedes managed to achieve its best February with 22, 040 vehicles sold, due to its C-Class sedan which rose 39% to 7,302 vehicles. BMW’s sales were up 0.5% to 21,311 vehicles, helped by a 22% increase for its X5 SUV. Toyota’s Lexus also increased 3.9% to 17,339 vehicles, thank to its RX SUV which rose 20% to 6,938 units.

After Mercedes and BMW managed to surpass Lexus in the past two years, the two automakers are fighting for the first spot in the luxury-auto market in the US. Based on the reported sales BMW was the 2012 winner, but researcher R.L. Polk & Co. says that when taking into consideration vehicle registrations, Mercedes topped BMW.

“We’re just carrying the momentum that we brought from last year into this year,” Steve Cannon, chief executive officer of Mercedes-Benz USA, said in an interview yesterday. “We haven’t even gotten to any of our new products yet.”

In January and February, Mercedes saw an increase of 16% to 44,541 vehicles, compared with BMW which rose 0.6% to 37,824 units. Lexus’ sales increased 16% to 33,550 units.