Mercedes teases us about the 2018 E Class cabriolet’s top image

Because still images are so retro, Mercedes has taken a page out of Audi’s (too long and childish Giphy) teaser campaign for the A5 and shows us the fabric roof in action without a video.

Mercedes is making sure everyone understood the new E-Class Cabrio will have an open top fabric roof – using the appropriate online media channels and Giphy. Yes, it turns out GIFs are so today for automakers and the new model will get to be seen during the Geneva Motor Show without such stunts. With Mercedes adopting another Audi idea (have all models with the same styling to confuse regular folk’) we are pretty much sure about the design of the soft top version. So, don’t expect major differences to the coupe – aside, from you know, the lack of a metal roof.

The electrically retractable soft top at least needs less than 20 seconds to go up or down. It will naturally use the “Airscarf” neck-level heating system for the front seats and the “Aircap” wind deflector. The technical credentials make use of the flexible MRA platform just like the rest of the E Class range – meaning it will also have the same hardware. By the way, Mercedes’ booth might still feature a steal the show element – the three-pointed star company will also premiere in Geneva a “stunning new show car” coming from Mercedes-AMG.