Mercedes to develop $500k SLS AMG Black Series image

The SLS is one of the most iconic cars out there and we all know what AMG can do, especially if we are talking about a Black Series version, but this may have gone too far because Mercedes has just announced a new range-topping version of the SLS AMG Black Series which will wear the $500.000 price tag and will deliver 650 horsepower.

According to, the new SLS AMG Black Series will be placed between the spectacular GT3 and the regular SLS. “We are certainly thinking about it – it makes a lot of sense. A car that sits between the SLS GT3 and the road car would be good”, said the AMG performance director Christoph Jung.

Rumors are that the SLS AMG Black Series will be bumped to 650 horsepower, which is actually 50 HP more than the GT3. Even if the SLS AMG Black Series will deliver more power than the GT3, the racer will still be faster, mainly because of the less weight.

Besides the 6.2 liter V8 AMG engine which will power the SLS Black Series, the vehicle will also receive a new suspension, upgraded brakes and racing seats, all of these boosting its price up to 500.000 USD, where the regular SLS AMG starts at $.192.350.