Mercedes to offer small cars and suv’s for US image

Mercedes-Benz announced its plans to offer a compact car but also a small SUV for sale in the United States.

Although it has not decided on the timing, the German manufacturer confirmed the fact that the new cars will be based on the next-generation B-Class that will debut in Europe by the end of 2011.

These words came from Joachim Schmidt, sales and marketing chief of Mercedes-Benz, who also confirmed that a very stylish sedan which will be sold in Europe as part of the new four-vehicle B-class family is also being considered for the United States.

The reason that Mercedes-Benz did not determined the launch date of the new vehicles is the uncertainty about the euro-dollar exchange rate. The rest of the plan is clear, United States is ready for a premium small car.” A key to the B class’ success in the United States will be offering an alternative-powertrain version, such as a plug-in electric or fuel cell” he said. Later this year, Mercedes-Benz will test a fuel-cell version of the current B-Class in the United States.

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