Mercedes Topped BMW in Registrations in the US Last Year, But Not in Sales image

Recent data shows that Mercedes surpassed BMW in the US registrations last year.

Although different sources have claimed BMW on the first spot, recent data from R.L. Polk proves that Mercedes’ sales surpassed those of the Bavarian automaker, which had 268,498 registrations, compared with Mercedes’ 274,123 registrations.

When it comes to sales, BMW sold 281,460 vehicles, compared with Mercedes’ 274,134 vehicles, keeping the first spot in sales. There a continuous debate about how sales numbers are registered since many automakers consider their vehicles sold right after they are sent to the dealers.

“Cars sold to people in the calendar year who then register their vehicles seems to be a more accurate measure of real sales than just the raw sales numbers,” said Mercedes-Benz North America chief Steve Cannon at the International Motor Press Association meeting in New York.

Cannon added that BMW had its ‘methods’ to boost sales in the last month of 2012, taking into consideration that Mercedes had attentively watched its rival’s month-to-month registrations the entire year, leading BMW for 11 months.

“When you look at the difference between our sales and registrations, there is a discrepancy of 11. When you look at BMW’s, there is a discrepancy of 13,000,” he said.

Source: Autoblog