Mercedes Unimog food truck may be the coolest eatery venue in Finland image

Mercedes Benz may be the brand that brought us the S Class, but it’s also the automaker that produces indestructible rides such as the G-Wagon or the apocalypse-fighting Unimog.

Since the Unimog brand has its own fans, we aren’t surprised entrepreneur Sami Repo from Finland decided to combine passion with business and convert a U318 model into a mobile kitchen. We all know that one of the main zombie-fighting machines shouldn’t be Hyundais, but the Unimog. It has incredible off-roading abilities and is very solid – so there’s no terrain or environmental condition it can’t withstand. Well, it can also be used for mundane activities, such as cooking food. Case in point, this U 318 which has been converted to cater for an impressive barbecue oven which can hold up to 881 pounds (400 kilograms) of food. This has been brought all the way from Spain and is complemented by wash basin, work surfaces, gas stove, along with several cooking utensils and a copper water boiler.

Unimog Food Truck

Since we’re dealing with a Finn here, the local theme is represented by the rear wall being used for an old school presentation with pictures of whales. The outside of the wall is decked with old wooden panels with a tarvia (natural tar) surface which ensures waterproofing. The Unimog U 318 mobile kitchen is a great way to cater for public or company events, as well as parties that can also take place in remote places during the hard Finnish winter months – which can last up to seven months depending on region.