Mercedes wants Rolls Royce’s throne with utterly expensive Pullman image

Daimler’s luxury unit didn’t manage to offset the upper end luxury segment with its Maybach brand – and now wants to use another heritage name for that – the Pullman.

While Maybach was a short-lived on its own brand, which tried and failed to dethrone the omnipotent Rolls-Royce from its throne, the Pullman moniker has long been a companion of the Mercedes-Benz brand, signaling the crème de la crème when it comes to the S-Class.

Now, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman (there is also a Maybach “smaller” version of the S-Class planned) top of the line is rumored to commandeer an acquisition price of around $1 million – topping twice the money for the most expensive Rolls on offer.

“They are trying to evoke the very famous old 600 Pullman that was used by people from dictators to John Lennon,” said Tim Urquhart, a London-based analyst with IHS. “They want to show that Mercedes still stands for an absolute elite, luxury and opulence. There’s symbolic value to this kind of car.”

Complete with armor plating and offering three rows of seats, the model, which could crown itself at least as the most expensive sedan in the world next year when it starts sales, should be very reminiscent of Pullmans from the old days, when personalities like designer Coco Chanel and former Philippine leader Ferdinand Marcos were among the customers.

Via Bloomberg