Mercedes wants the GLE Coupe to support the fifth year of record sales image

Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, the third largest luxury automaker in the world, expects to sign off 2015 with the sales book counting the fifth straight year of record annual sales.

The German automaker is entrenched in a bitter race to recapture the top position in the premium segment – lost to BMW. That won’t be an easy task, as the three-pointed star brand was also relegated by Volkswagen’s Audi into third place back in 2011. On the other hand, both company executives and industry analysts felt that Mercedes had the biggest advantage during the final months of last year, as numerous model introductions captured customer attention. “I expect a very good year for Mercedes-Benz” in 2015, says Dieter Zetsche, chief executive officer of Daimler AG. The top manager forecasts the brand would thoroughly exceed the general car market growth thanks to the new model introductions, such as the coupe version of the GLE (formerly M-Class) sport-utility vehicle, a BMW X6 rival.

The German automaker will officially present the model to the general public during next week’s North American International Auto Show. In order to recapture the global sales crown lost to BMW back in 2005, Mercedes-Benz has expanded its product lineup to include affordable cars like the new wagon-like CLA Shooting Brake and opted to revive the ultra-luxury Maybach nameplate, to signal ultra-pricey versions of its cars. Additionally the automaker seeks a technological advantage over the competition, as it entered in what seem to be the final rounds of the autonomous race with the recently unveiled F 015 Luxury in Motion autonomous prototype.

Via Bloomberg