Mercedes widens US sales gap over Lexus and BMW image

Among the three top contenders on the US’s luxury market, Mercedes-Benz was the only which did not report a drop in sales for last month.

For two consecutive months, Toyota’s premium division was at the top of the luxury segment in the United States, closing in on Mercedes-Benz’s first-quarter lead. However, April saw the gap widening, as the three-pointed star brand reported a 0.2 percent rise in deliveries to a monthly record of 29,236 vehicles, pushed by a 44.5 percent demand boost for its GLC and GLK SUVs. The C-Class sedan remained the best-selling model with 5,645 units, followed by the E-Class (including CLS) at 4,882. The GLC rounded out the top three with 4,439 vehicles sold. “We are heading into a strong second-quarter with a minimum of nine new model launches in the months ahead,” Dietmar Exler, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, said. “We expect to see strong sales momentum as we move into the summer months.”

By contrast, sales fell 7.4 percent to 24,882 for Lexus and declined at the same rate to 24,951 for the BMW brand. After four months, Mercedes has sold 105,005 vehicles, Lexus reached 99,103 units, while BMW is trailing with 95,564 models delivered. Commenting on the monthly drop, CEO of BMW North America said that “April is always a volatile month for BMW with model changeover taking place in some of our very popular X models, and the improving consumer confidence that typically follows the arrival of Spring still developing.”