Mercedes will have a robo-valet for multi-level car parks image

The Daimler company is looking to enhance its autonomous drive systems with a new perk – an automated parking service is now functioning at its multi-story parking garage used for visitors to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Passengers can leave the car completely alone as it searches on its own for the parking spot – and the system, pending approval, could become effective in 2018. It’s also a collaboration with component manufacturer Bosch, as Mercedes decided to have the entire building turned into an “intelligent” structure. “Parking will be an automated process in the future,” said Gerhard Steiger, director of the chassis systems control unit at Bosch. “By applying an intelligent multi-story car park infrastructure and networking it with vehicles, we have managed to realize driverless parking substantially earlier than planned.”

Mercedes will have a robo-valet for multi-level car parks 9

The short explanation – sensors fitted inside the parking lot keep an eye on the car and the area, helping the vehicle guide itself into the parking spot. The vehicle’s on-board autonomous systems ensure the car “performs safe driving maneuvers” to and from the parking area. Naturally, the user will control the entire process via an application for the smartphone. Pending an extensive trial and commissioning phase under watch from local authorities, the system could go live in 2018, becoming the first ever driverless parking system in the world.