Mercedes said it is close of becoming the first automaker to offer ‘Car-to-X’ technology to its customers.

The Car-to-X system will be introduced by the end of this year and will enable vehicles identify possible crashes and warn the driver, so that he/she will have enough time to avoid an accident. When it will be launched the Car-to-X will work through Digital DriveStyle, a smartphone app which receives data and transfers it to the vehicle’s onboard displays.

The system will scan the airwaves coming from emergency services for warnings and also reports on bad weather. As the Mercedes vehicles already come fitted with various sensors, they can also send and receive info on road conditions.

How it really works? When a car approaches an obstacle, a patch of bad weather or a crash, it will receive warnings from other vehicles which have passed through that area ad the message will be passed on. The notifications have to be manually activated by pressing a button, but the system will not help drivers in urgent situations such as when rapidly approach an obstacle or in wrong-way driving.

“With Car-to-X communication we have made a base technology ready for the market which in the future will enable a new generation of driver assistance systems to be developed,” said Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, the Daimler AG board member in charge of Mercedes cars.



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