Merdad Collection Releases Merdad Body Styling Kits image

Merdad Collection is actually a UK based company that has created its first Cayenne Coupe Turbo with an extensive variety of interior as well as exterior modification. Well, this company also modifies Porsche 5-Door Cayenne Range and some other super cars.

With its successful modification work, the company this time has released a new addition to its line up. It is the Merdad Body Styling kits. Now, enthusiasts can enjoy a new look to their car which will highlight the beauty of Turbo.

Basically, this kit will give a new Turbo-look front body styling for any other non-Turbo Cayenne. The SUV owners can now transform their cars from the front if they have any second generation 958 Cayenne, Cayenne Hybrid, Cayenne Diesel, or Cayenne S. All these models can be transformed into a Merdad Cayenne Turbo.

One of the major reasons why people get fascinated from the packages of this company is that it provides the state of the art designs to those who go for maximizing the performance as well as the exclusivity of their super cars.

Check out the pictures of a white Merdad Cayenne Diesel which is adorned with a full body kit and a Turbo-look front. This will cost at £ 7,995 including fitments and painting. The total body kit is available at £ 39,995 which makes a total cost of £ 47,990.




By Sunita Mandal