Metro 6R4 rally car driven by Colin McRae can be yours – for “just” $457,000 image

The late Colin McRae is a motorsport legend for good measure – not just because he had a successful series of games attached to his image.

He was aged 27 when he became the youngest driver to win the World Rally Championship (in his iconic 555 Subaru Impreza) and was on point for Subaru’s three constructor’s championships between 1995 and 1997 – but most of all showed how you can go down in history by simply delivering your personal style – he was always all or nothing, at the bleeding limit’s edge. As a rally legend he drove a range of cars, and so it turns out now a person might be the lucky owner of his old MG Metro 6R4. Since we’re dealing with a rally legend, the price is steep – 350,000 pounds – or around $457,000, which is a statement to how iconic rally cars aren’t found around every bush.

Metro 6R4 rally car driven by Colin McRae can be yours – for “just” $457,000 1

The MG Metro 6R4 is also an example of the Group B rallying era (arguably one of the more crazed examples in the already nuts arena – and comes with a V6 engine, fitted to the car’s rear – delivering the tremendous power to all four wheels. Apparently McRae bought this example following his stint at Subaru – using it during his 1998 Colin McRae Stages rally. The car caught fire while being worked upon in the garage – now rebuilt in 400 horsepower tarmac rallying trim, and it’s even registered in the UK.