Mexico: Toyota to further increase Tacoma production image

The world’s largest automaker, Toyota Motor Corp. has revealed plans to increase production output of the Tacoma mid-size pickup truck at the Japanese carmaker’s only plant in Mexico.

Just recently we told you about the rumors surrounding Toyota’s strategy to increase its manufacturing presence in the Central American country by adding a passenger car assembly facility. The move would be in line with other Japanese and global makers taking advantage of the country’s accessible work force and commercial ties.

But for now, Toyota will move to boost the existing production in Mexico – the one at the plant that produces the Tacoma model – with the Baja California factory set to increase output by 40% to cater for increased demand.

The new investment comes swiftly after 2013’s 14% hike to an output of 68,000 units – with the new spike set to reach a tally of 89,000 vehicles by next April, adding in the process another 300 jobs.

The knockdown plant only handles body welding, painting and assembly and the largest automaker in the world will increase Tacoma output by adding in a third shift. The increased capacity in Mexico is triggered by a Tacoma production shift from a truck plant in Texas, where Toyota needs to free up capacity to build more Tundra trucks.

Via Automotive News