MG decided China is better for production than its traditional UK base image

Long gone is the might of British auto manufacturers, as all of them have outside parents guiding their business strategies – which sometimes include relinquishing the traditional home ties.

This is the case with UK automaker MG, which has announced it will end production of the MG3 model manufactured at Longbridge, central England, and instead will supply the car from China. The decision is of course coming from the brand’s owner, China’s SAIC Motor – and as a result about twenty five employees will lose their jobs. The MG3 was the sole model produced at home in the UK by MG, and the production run will be terminated at the end of the year. MG and SAIC said the decision will streamline the manufacturing process and actually bring the model to a lower price point. “[Ending production] will ensure global market competitiveness and support long-term investment into new product lines,” commented the brand.

The company also denied the rumor it was making the switch due to Britain’s vote to exit the European Union. SAIC took possession of MG since 2007, when it acquired Nanjing Automobile, owner of the MG Rover from 2005. UK production was restarted back in 2011 and the MG3 was added back in 2014 – but the Longbridge production was limited only to final assembly, such as adding the engine and transmission, or front suspension and headlights.

Via Automotive News