MG E-Motion will be a green supercar concept for Auto Shanghai image

The British automaker has long gone down the Chinese parentage route, but it’s even longer since they last came to the market with a sports vehicle – fortunately things might be in for a change in the last department.

The manufacturer is set to join the Auto Shanghai auto show later this month with a new, all-electric E-Motion supercar concept. The model is a full-blown mystery, because the company is keeping quiet on details so far. Fortunately, the rumor mill sip sinning at full speed and according to unofficial information the vehicle should be pretty and mean at the same time – the sprint from a standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) would take just four seconds, while the maximum range on a single charge is also reported to be sizeable – 310 miles (499 kilometers).

MG E-Motion will be a green supercar concept for Auto Shanghai 2

As far as the model goes, what we have to show for right now are three low-resolution teaser images, showing strong character lines and vertical taillights at the back. Judging by the shape, we might see it wear a 2+2 configuration, so all things are set for a future production model serving as the halo flagship version. We are hoping that at the Shanghai motor show the company will reveal more details about its new concept, along with plans moving forward.