The British automaker with Chinese parentage has taken the wraps off its European-specification GS crossover during the London Motor Show.

The model is labeled as a “striking new addition to the UK model range,” but in effect it’s a near identical brother of the Chinese version that was first showcased during the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show and comes in as the make’s offer in the worded subcompact segment. MG refrained from delivering too much information and as far as we can see the only design modifications has to do with the blacked-out A pillars. Other details have been scarce, with the company only revealing the European variant will be offered in three different trim levels and under the hood sits a turbocharged 1.5-liter gasoline engine. There are no performance specifications either, but the brand did say it can be mated to the company’s first automatic transmission.

“When considering transmissions and engine choices, we listened to our customers and looked at market trends. It’s not only a momentous occasion to unveil our first SUV, it is also a significant moment to announce our first automatic – something many of our customers have been waiting for, and so we’re thrilled to be offering it to them,” commented MG Sales and Marketing boss Matthew Cheyne during the London Motor Show reveal. According to the company the full pricing and performance details will be announced in June, with MG only hinting it will cater to the affordable part of the market.


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