MG has officially introduced the new MG3 Trophy Championship Concept at the last weekend’s MG90 event, attracting quite a lot of curious eyes.

One of MG’s newest creations is named the MG3 Trophy Championship Concept and it has been officially introduced at the MG90 event. The model in question has been based on the MG3 and it has been equipped with an aerodynamic body kit with features such as the adjustable rear wing or the new front splitter. The vehicle pictured below is also getting the adjustable coilover suspension system, the 17-inch lightweight alloy wheels or the limited slip differential.

Images with the interior design of the model haven’t been released yet but the company says that this has received the roll cage, the quick release steering wheel and a fire suppression system. Power is being provided by a 1.5 liter VTi Tech engine, equipped with an optimized ECU, billet aluminum pistons, a turbocharger and new camshafts, producing a total output of 207 HP (152 kW) and 260 Nm (191 lb-ft) of torque, 101 HP (74 kW) and 124 Nm (91 lb-ft) of torque more. Additional details on the racer remain unknown for the moment so chances are we will see it again in the future during an official event.


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