Miami GT kit car, by DDR Motorsport image

A kit car based on the Acura RSX (2002 – 2006), Chevrolet Corvette (1972 – 2002) and the Toyota MR-2 (1989 – 1996) was launched by DDR Motorsport.

If you ask me I would tell you that main similarity is to the classic McLaren F1, but if the manufacturer says it isn’t, let’s believe it.

The kit car has a tubular chassis, a fiberglass body and many more other, however, it doesn’t benefit from a powerful engine connected to a transmission, customers of this vehicle will have to find a donor car to fill in this blank. Another thing missing is the door mirrors, but they are way cheaper than an engine, transmission, suspension or a steering system, which DDR Motorsport’s car doesn’t have.

This exotic looking kit, which again, looks like a McLaren, will rob you from almost 20.000 US dollars, and when you add the missing parts yourself, you will take out from your pocket around 50.000 dollars.