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Former Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is in critical condition after he fell and hit his head in a skiing accident in the French Alps, on Sunday.

The 44-year old German, who has been taken to Grenoble hospital, is suffering from a possible cerebral hemorrhage. Schumacher is currently fighting for his life after the doctors have put him into an induced coma and his chances for recovery aren’t too high.

“He’s suffering from a serious cranial injury and is in a coma and required immediate neurological intervention on his arrival. He remains in a critical condition”, said Jean-Marc Grenier, the hospital’s director, in a statement.

One of the physicians who is taking care of Michael Schumacher is orthopedic and trauma surgeon Gerard Saillant, who also operated his broken leg in the 1999 Silverstone British Grand Prix crash and in 2009, when he suffered neck and spine injuries after a motorcycle accident.

“The induced coma he’s in is to try and stabilise the pressure within the brain, to try and prevent secondary brain damage from occurring. It’s likely Michael Schumacher will remain in an induced coma for several days, and really the outcome is very, very unclear at this stage. It must be a very difficult time for his family”, said Doctor Catherine McMahon, for BBC Radio 5. “We’d place a monitor inside the brain to measure the pressure and try and keep that pressure normal, to try and prevent further brain damage from occurring”, she added.

Michael Schumacher was in the resort of Meribel, in the French Alps, going down off piste under La Dent de Burgin, located between La Biche and Mauduit. This is an extremely difficult piste. The former racing driver fell and banged his head on a rock. He was wearing a helmet. Schumacher was skiing with his 14-year old son and was immediately taken to hospital by helicopter.

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Gary Hartstein: “can Michael survive” the answer is a resounding YES. Remember that for the moment things are still very dynamic”

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Corinna, his wife, Mick (14) and Gina-Maria (16), his children, at the bedside.
Rolf and Ralf, father and brother of #Schumi are in the hospital, too.

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Message from Michael’s family
Michael Schumacher's website updated after his ski accident.

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