Michelin Closes Dundee Plant for Three Weeks image

Michelin plans to stop production for three weeks at its Dundee plant, in Scotland due to sales slump.

This three-week break will be followed by other holiday closures during the summer. This decision was taken in order to protect the 860 employees at the plant.

‘We are nowhere near the endgame, because the company has big intentions for Dundee,” said Dave Brady, trade union Unite’s shop steward at Michelin.

It’s not the first time employees face production slowdowns to get stocks back on track. The workers are aware that due to the difficult situation in Europe and not only, people are buying fewer cars and implicitly fewer tires. Although the decision causes them great concern they are aware that they still have a job.

“The commitment and investment from the company is still going on — in fact lorries are on site right now delivering new machinery. We’ve been through many things in the past and the company will do whatever it can to minimise the impact and get people through this.”

In November 2011 the First Minister came to the plant to personally announce 140 new jobs. The facility also received a funding of £5million from Scottish Enterprise, offered through a regional grant scheme. But the financial crisis in Europe hit hard the company causing the sales drop.