Michigan is now the best place in the US to test autonomous vehicles image

This is because the state’s lawmakers have recently approved legislation that allows the carmakers and other companies to trial vehicles even if those haven’t been fitted with the steering wheel or pedals and also evaluate road platoons.

The newly approved legislation makes Michigan the most permissive state for autonomous vehicle technology trials – and approved companies can even test self-driving cars on the state’s public roads without actually having someone inside. It’s also a first to have the car allowed on public roads even without steering or pedals – and as far as reports are concerned, the law has had numerous supporters, such as Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Google, Uber, and Lyft. “We are becoming the mobility industry, shaped around technology that makes us more aware and safer as we’re driving,” commented Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

The new legislation is also allowing platoons of driverless vehicles to operate on the road. For example Volvo has already started work on such technology – where the first car in the convoy is controlling all the rest that follow it, with autonomous inputs. The legislation is also paving the way for companies to develop on-demand autonomous vehicle networks in the state – which is important for ride-sharing entities such as Lyft and Uber, and even Google.

Via Automotive News, State of Michigan, Michigan Legislature