Connected – including V2V and V2I setups – as well as autonomous cars are no longer something coming out of sci-fi movies or a thing of distant future, at least if you find yourself in the state of Michigan.

The state – known as the cradle of American automotive forces, since it’s the home state of the Detroit Three (GM, Ford and FCA) – is also looking into the future. They now have legislation that allows a high degree of freedom to automakers testing autonomous systems. Now the authorities are also working towards achieving V2V and V2I infrastructure standards, meaning the cars will be able to speak with each other (something that has become reality in Cadillacs) but also with the infrastructure around them. More precisely, Michigan teamed up with 3M to test the real-world application of the technology.

The general description of the tech might be called V2X for us to understand it engulfs both forms – and it works like this: one vehicle can communicate with a smart road, getting in advance news of roadblocks or crashes, and then talk to other cars, further away, letting them know the news as well. For now, the deal is looking at a trial – the Department of Transportation in Michigan and 3M have focused on a three-mile portion of Interstate 75, located in Oakland County. It comes with all-weather lane markings, retroreflective smart signs, as well as short-range communication devices.



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