Microsoft partners with Vw for multimedia solutions image

Microsoft said it had signed a patent licensing agreement with, giving the Volkswagen group software supplier access to its new Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technology.

exFAT delivers a significant leap forward in the size of media files that can be stored on a broad range of consumer electronic devices and increases the speed with which they can be accessed. exFAT will give car owners additional and reliable resources for bringing multimedia content into their vehicles.

The agreement is the first of its kind that Microsoft has forged within the automotive sector. The company is developing technologies for a new multimedia platform that will reportedly provide a longer menu of infotainment options while reducing drivers’ distraction.

Using exFAT technology will help follow future consumer electronics developments while delivering an outstanding multimedia experience.

“In-vehicle electronics breakthroughs have continued at an accelerated pace, opening the door for new opportunities,” said Uwe Reder, managing director at “exFAT gives us the opportunity to functionally integrate and innovate, providing our customers with a full-featured driving experience.”