A new variant of the Chevrolet Corvette will be mid-engined as a prototype has been spotted on the road, recently.

Chevrolet is getting ready to play more against the big boys from the Old Continent as the North American based automaker is currently working on a mid-engine version of the Corvette. The model in question has been spotted recently by the guys from Car and Driver and this is actually a prototype of the long awaited model. From the start, we can notice the Corvette cockpit, the large rear wing and, of course, that mid-engine configuration which will make it more attractive into the eyes of petrol heads from across the globe.

If you were hoping to see a lot of “car”, you will be disappointed, because the prototype is not revealing that much. According to our source, the new mid-engine model is expected to be introduced sometimes in 2017, as the Zora ZR1, and after making a few calculations, it managed to find out that the wheelbase of the model stands at 98.9 inches long.

We have no clue at the moment what engine it will be found under the hood of the upcoming mid-engined vehicle but adopting a new layout will most likely mean better handling and improved performance, especially during cornering. More details on the brand new mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette are limited at this time and will probably be announced sometimes over the next couple of years, when the model is believed to be unveiled. Meanwhile, you can check it out at Car and Driver.


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