Mini Cargo is going to Geneva image

The British based automaker Mini is planning to introduce a new model at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2012, which will be named the Cargo.

Even if this idea isn’t quite what you might call original, and the upcoming Mini Cargo will have a direct rival in the shape of the future Fiat 500 MPV, we must admit that the vehicle isn’t what you might call “bad looking”. According to our colleagues at, the upcoming Mini Cargo will be based on the Clubman wagon model and it will actually be a commercial van version of its “bigger” brother. Our source is also telling us that the rear seats will be removed to make way for a flat loading floor.

It seems that the British car manufacturer has been inspired by Opel and Peugeot and their “vans”, because the rear side windows will be blocked and a continuous quarter panel is joining the roof. For start, the Mini Cargo will be used for small deliveries like pizza or flowers, but the model will most likely be available with more rows of seats, and it will eventually go after the Fiat 500 MPV, which will also be launched at the same automotive event. The Mini Cargo will be presented to the public at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March, when the event will officially open its gates.