MINI celebrates centenary at Oxford plant image

The British based automaker MINI is currently celebrating its centenary at its Oxford plant, one of the oldest facilities of its kind in the world.

After bragging about selling 500, 000 cars across the United States, just a day before writing this article, the British based automaker MINI is now entering our news once again, this time with another announcement made by the company, which involves its centenary celebration at the Oxford plant. MINI is currently producing a total of 900 cars daily at the Oxford facility, but when it was first opened, the plant was assembling just 20 cars every day.

Demand for MINI cars has increased slowly and now the company is producing a total of 900 cars, all of them with the MINI logos on its body, in the same Oxford facility. Over the years, the same plant has been used for producing cars for no less than 14 different brands, for a total of 11,65 million vehicles and 500,000 people have worked over there. The best times seen by the Oxford facility were the 1960s, when the plant had no less than 28,000 employees. Currently there are 3,700 people working in the plant an they have managed to produce 2.25 million MINI cars since production began.