MINI celebrates two milestones image

MINI reached a new milestone thirteen years after its re-launch in 2001, as the three-millionth MINI left the assembly line at the Oxford plant in the UK. The celebratory car is a MINI 5 Door with the U.K.’s Union Jack design.

Since 2001, two million MINIs have been exported from the UK to more than 110 countries around the world, another milestone for the car brand. Back then the factory produced around 300 cars a day with a single shift of about 2,400 people, whereas now the plant produces around 1,000 MINI cars a day and has about 4,000 employees. The Oxford plant manufactures at the moment the MINI, MINI 5-door, MINI convertible, MINI Roadster and MINI Coupe models.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Board of Management member said that “we mark two important milestones for MINI. Three million MINIs produced, and two million MINIs exported from Oxford to customers worldwide. These are impressive figures and definitely a reason to celebrate. In markets big and small, MINI has always appealed to customers on an emotional level.”

The BMW group has invested around £1.75 billion in its British plants since 2000 and between 2012 and 2015 the automaker is investing £750 million in its MINI U.K. production network. This is part of MINI’s plan to expand internationally but also to secure 5,600 jobs at the Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall plants.

By Gabriela Florea