Mini configurator for the Bugatti Chiron up and running image

The French ultra-luxury hypercar producer has decided its official website needed a little spicing up so they organized a mini configurator for the recently introduced Chiron which allows every mortal to at least configure its dream car with a variety of paints.

We all know that most of us won’t have the possibility to get into the garage the Veyron successor but at least Bugatti is giving us the chance to virtually play with its available liveries. Of course the examples depicted here don’t “paint” the entire picture, as the customers willing to spend 2.4 million euros for one of the 500 units will have a much wider choice. By the way, even before the Chiron hit the official roster in front of the worldwide audience during the ongoing Geneva Motor Show the company already had 180 deposits for €200, 000 / $250,000 from early adopters and most likely the number has since soared to around 200. Bugatti chief Wolfgang Dürheimer recently commented “interest has been exceptional” and there’s even one order for six units at once.

It’s also interesting to know that while the Veyron has been rumored to have lost about $6.25 million for each of the 450 units that have been sold, this time around the Chiron (which is also way more expensive) will bring profit to the marquee. Bugatti said it will produce no more than 65 cars each year and as such the model’s run should come to an end around 2024 and deliveries have been scheduled to begin this fall.