Mini considers retiring Paceman, Coupe/Roadster models image

Mini, the British subsidiary of BMW Group, the largest premium automaker in the world, could rethink its line-up strategy and decide it spread more than it could “chew”.

That means refocusing on fewer models – after it went through its biggest growth periods (in both line-up and dimension terms) in history. That could see the Paceman and Roadster/Coupe models die out at the end of their current generation – as Mini is now turning its line-up strategy into “pillar” models.

According to Oliver Friedmann, the brand’s product management boss, Mini should be “more relevant for more people. Our first priority is to roll out a portfolio that has strong pillars and to be absolutely clear what each stands for.”

Regarding the axing of the three cars, he said they are rather unlikely to be continued with new generations. The newly revealed hatchback and the bigger Countryman SUV-like model are considered pillar models, while an even bigger – compact class – model based on the new Clubman concept could become a third base model.

“It’s not decided but most probably this is not a priority,” Friedmann said about the Paceman and Roadster/Coupe.

“The Coupe and Roadster are selling far below where Mini’s key models are and I think in some respects are quite poorly executed,” says IHS senior analyst Ian Fletcher.

According to HIS Automotive – comparing the results in Europe is quite obvious: the hatchback models sold 78,102 units and Countryman had 47,177 cars delivered, while only 7,485 Clubmans and 8,229 Pacemans were sold and the Roadster/Coupe duo was at an even lower demand: 2,678/ 3,858 units.

Via Automotive News Europe