MINI Convertible – images&specifications image

Besides being a cabrio version, the new Mini does not come with a lot of news. Most of them are minor…

Thus, we have a new range of colors: Interchange Yellow and Horizon Blue (similar to the much loved Space Blue). Also seen above for the first time is the Hot Chocolate canvass top. Not shown is the “Denim” blue top also making a debut on the R57.

Also seen for the time above (and unique to the convertible) will be an “always open” guage which will measure the amount of miles driven with the top open. The idea is that it will encourage owners to live the “always open” lifestyle MINI marketing has created for this car. The gauge will be located to the left side of the rev-counter.
Also inside we have two types of chrome packages . Chromium standard package and black chrome .

Our sources are reporting that the R57 convertible will be available as a factory JCW from day one. It will also be available with the dealer installed JCW engine kit.