MINI Cooper now with more diesel power – Cooper SD image

Mini has unveiled a diesel version of the Cooper S for the first time. The new diesel trim, which is available on all models, comes with a two-litre 143hp engine and is able to deliver lower CO2 emissions, a more frugal fuel consumption and extra power.

The new engine of the MINI Cooper SD has an all-aluminum crankcase, a turbocharger with variable intake geometry, and common-rail direct injection with solenoid-valve injectors.

The automaker also mentioned that the SD Hatch secures a zero VED rate and a company car benefit tax rate of 13% including the 3% diesel surcharge.

The new version will go from 0-60 in 8.1 seconds, not bad for a car that will only cost £30 a year for road fund license in the UK. Prices will start from £18,000 and will be available some time in the spring. We are not certain if the MINI Cooper SD will be launched in the U.S.

SD Model Top Speed 0-62 mph Consumption

(mpg combined)

Emissions OTR  Price
Hatch 134 mph 8.1 secs 65.7 mpg 114 grams £18,750
Clubman 134 mph 8.6 secs 64.2 mpg 115 grams £19,790
Convertible 130 mph 8.7 secs 62.8 mpg 118 grams £21,130
Countryman 123 mph 9.3 secs 61.4 mpg 122 grams £21,970
Countryman ALL4 121 mph 9.4 secs 57.6 mpg 130 grams £23,190