Mini Countryman to make its Chinese debut in late February image

British small car manufacturer Mini’s 2010 performance in China were impressive, with its sales volume increasing 140% from the previous year.

Mini looks to take advantage of this upward trend by bring their new Countryman over. The crossover SUV is to make its official debut in Amoy with a price tag of 350,000 yuan ($53,251).

The Countryman, Mini’s first four-door, marks the company’s first foray into the SUV segment, coming with a longer 2.6m wheelbase and a higher ground clearance. Despite those changes, the Countryman manages to preserve the brand’s quaint English charm, taking styling cues from its brethren.

The Countryman’s interior design is in line with the rest of the Mini family, with clean and simple styling. Prospective buyers can choose from either warm blue or active black with orange trim color combinations.

Countryman Mini China

Under the hood, the Countryman boasts a 1.6L engine, with both 98-hp and 112-hp naturally aspirated options available. The Cooper S version comes with a supercharged 1.6L Tritec engine producing 184-hp and 240Nm of torque, and doing 0-100km in 7.6 seconds.
With no direct competitors in the domestic market currently, Mini’s Countryman should have a bright future in China.

By Carmen Lee From