The 2017 IAA is set to welcome the arrival of Mini’s latest concept – complete with all the appropriate traits but with an environmentally-friendly powertrain and of course, less sound.

Mini has recently revealed online in a preview its new Electric Concept, a zero-emissions prototype designed for urban areas – where a battery-powered car will find itself in its element on short driving distances and congested streets. Mini promises it will pump up the segment soon with “the iconic design, city-dwelling heritage, and customary go-kart feeling”. The exterior design seems to depict the next generation Mini tree-door, but also looks back by referencing the color scheme the automaker used on the former Mini E, using yellow trim as contrasting effect on a silver body. The front includes a closed grille and simulated engine intakes, which are also for aero effect there, supposedly. At the back we get cool features such as the British flag design of the taillights, or the chunky diffuser with no exhaust.

Mini Electric Concept goes to Frankfurt Motor Show 1

There are also bolt-on side panels, constructed out of fiberglass in order to alleviate the weight gain of the battery pack. The 19-inch wheels come with 3D-printed aerodynamic inlays – but that’s about it in terms of details the carmaker has given us. We can be sure power, range, weight, or other performance traits will be offered in just a few weeks from now when the molde debuts during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.


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