MINI Gets Bentley Touch from Vilner image

BMW Group has planned to launch MINI Inspired by Goodwood, a fresh luxury version of their compact sub-brand’s most successful model. However, in order to maintain the exclusivity, tuning works come in and so Vilner, some guys at Bulgarian design studio stepped in.

All together, they offered a little different touch to the car, but style is still on focus. On each side, this Goodwood model has received Rolls Royce touch, but on other side there is merely any wood finished material on the dash. Besides, Vilner has also proposed to follow the Bentley as far as the interior department is concerned. Vilner’s has continued with more modern Continental GT-styled look that enhances the beauty of the car without using any silly wood on the dash.

The cabin of the car is neatly adorned with soft touch leathers and deep pile carpets. These materials are completely hand crafted in unique style of Bentley. In fact, they used fine materials such as Alcantara and Nappa leather throughout the car to maintain the style and beauty from inside. These materials boast on the door panels, certain parts of the seats, roof lining that features a diamond shape theme. Moreover, the doors of the car has received black leather elements with original plastic that was re-sprayed in a gleaming gray finish. This finishing work emulates the cool touch metals from Bentley.

What is more fascinating is that the car has received complete look of the MINI Cooper used in the famous movie ‘The Italian Job’ and Vilner has also named its modified car with the similar name. Apart from the interior customization, the exterior flaunts a grey matte foil-wrap on the body of the Cooper S and to complement it two contrasting black racing stripes with a matching color roof is been added. The car has also obtained a set of new 18 inch alloy wheels, eventually complete the look of The Italian Job.








By Sunita Mandal