MINI JCW lineup gets new engine image

The British based automaker MINI has recently announced that its John Cooper Works (JCW) lineup will get a new engine.

According to BMW’s sub-brand, the MINI JCW lineup will be getting the all-new 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which will help the models to achieve a better fuel economy and CO2 emissions, thanks to an improved aluminum block, low-weight crankshaft and reinforced pistons, along with the brake energy regeneration system, the start/stop and the sodium-filled exhaust valves.

“In keeping with the times, MINI will inject the ultra-sporty performance characteristics of its John Cooper Works models with even greater efficiency from July 2012 with the introduction of a new-generation engine and other far-reaching powertrain innovations”, as the automaker is saying in its official press release.

MINI says that the new engine is developing a total output of 215 horsepower and it has a peak torque of 280 Nm in the JCW Countryman, while in the rest of the lineup the maximum output generate is 208 HP and 280 Nm of torque (207 lb-ft).

JCW Cooper – 0-100km/h in 6.5s, 238km/h top speed, 6.6l/100km fuel consumption, 153 g/km CO2
JCW Cooper Convertible – 0-100km/h in 6.9s, 235 km/h top speed, 6.8l/100 km, 157 g/km CO2
JCW Clubman – 0-100km/h in 6.8s, 238 km/h top speed, 6.7l/100 km fuel consumption, 155 g/km CO2
JCW Coupe – 0-100km/h 6.4s, 240 km/h top speed, 6.6l/100 km fuel consumption, 153 g/km CO2
JCW Roadster – 0-100km/h 6.5s, 237 km/h top speed, 237 km/h top speed, 6.8l/100km, 157g/km CO2
JCW Countryman – 0-100km/h 7.0s, 225km/h, 7.4l/100km, 172g/km CO2