Mini One by JM Cardesign image

The German aftermarket specialists at JM Cardesign have recently revealed their latest project, which is based on the Mini One.

Even if the images released by the German tuner are making us think of a rally car which has been based on the Mini One, the vehicle doesn’t actually have more power, so it’s basically a sheep in wolf clothes, assembling very much with an athlete who doesn’t know when to speak and when to shut up. Sadly the modifications on the Mini One, brought by JM Cardesign, are purely aesthetic, and even if the car looks so appealing, you can’t help wonder what was in the minds of the guys at JM Cardesign when they’ve made it, because the ride quality has been most likely ruined.

The upgrade kit for the Mini One is bringing a bunch of styling changes, like the hood which has been borrowed from the Cooper S, the LSD vertical opening doors, the racing style side sills, the rear wing, the 7.5×18 inches rims wrapped in Dunlop tires, the decals, the roll cage, the fire extinguishers, the racing seats, the KW suspension and so on. But why would anyone put all of those things on a vehicle and not improve the engine on the way? I mean what’s the purpose of a roll cage, racing seats, big wheels, fire extinguishers and so on if you only get 90 horsepower? It’s not like you’re going to roll over at the local grocery shop or catch fire while changing CDs.