If you ever wanted to shop for your new car or an official accessory that would fit it in the middle of the night and fret the dealership is closed, don’t worry – if you’re a Mini fan they have the solution – the 24/7 digital store.

While acquiring a new Mini is still not possible even with the advent of the new Mini UK online store on eBay, there are little other options when it comes with personalization – the store does give us a myriad of customization choices and accessories.

“We know our fans love to personalize their Minis, and with the launch of a digital store on eBay this is now easier than ever. We’re confident that this new 24/7 outlet will offer a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience for Mini owners and enthusiasts,” says Andy Wilde, Aftersales E-commerce Manager at Mini UK.

The new store is already well stocked, offering customers a choice of at least 1,300 items, that range from wing mirror covers or official cleaning products to alloys or interior trim accessories. If you’re still managing to find there’s something you want that’s not on offer, the Mini guys have a solution here to, called Mini Direct – which allows customers to get in touch and offer suggestions on purchase items.


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