Mini Rocketman might be going to production image

Mini is planning to put its Rocketman into production, as the company’s Head of Design, Anders Warming, recently said.

Even if this isn’t the first time when the “British” based automaker has plans to put the Rocketman concept into production, this time it seems that the vehicle might actually end up finding new customers in the nearby future. According Ander Warming, Mini’s Head of Design, who talked to the, the Mini Rocket man is on the Christmas list, and this might actually be the first step into putting the concept car into production.

“The Rocketman and Roadster are part of an ongoing dialogue with customers that asks, “What can we do with Mini?’ It’s about making authentic movements and developing a relevant bandwidth for the brand”, said Ander Warming at the annual UK press dinner, where the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe and the Mini Roadster were shown for the first time.

As a reminder, the Mini Rocketman Concept is 3.419 meters long (11 ft. 3 in.), 1.907 meters wide (6 ft. 3 in.) and 1.398 meters tall (4 ft. 7 in.) and it has a unique 3+1 seater which features three doors, with the vehicle being designed for urban lifestyle in big cities. The Mini Rocketman Concept has a carbon fiber spaceframe construction, whose surface is visible on the front end of the car, in the interior and around its doors, forming a basis for the weigh-minimizing construction.