MINI sells 500,000 cars in America image

The British based automaker MINI has recently announced a milestone, after 500,000 vehicles of the brand have been sold in America.

According to the car manufacturer, MINI has managed to sell a total of 500,000 cars in America, despite the fact that the company didn’t think that its vehicles will be successful over-seas. The MINI USA vice president, Jim McDowell, has thanked the MINI Community in the U.S.

“The most important contributor to MINI’s success here in the U.S. is the MINI Community. They are so passionate and engaged that we constantly ask ourselves whether a decision is in their best interest… We work hard to maintain a special relationship with the Community, delivering unique experiences, cherished memories and a true feeling of being part of a family”, as Jim McDowell said.

In 2002, MINI has sold 22,950 units, compared to the 66,123 cars sold just last year. The expanding portfolio meant more customers were attracted into the brand. MINI is currently offering no less than seven models, Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, Coupe, Roadster and Paceman. There are 116 dealerships owned by MINI in America and the plan is to expand them to 130 by the end of this year.