MINI to develop sedan, sports car and new crossover image

The British based automaker MINI is planning to develop three new models in the nearby future, a sedan, a sports car and a new crossover.

The car manufacturer, which is currently run by BMW, is planning to expand its lineup with three new models which are expected to enter production soon, a sedan, a sports car and a new crossover, but no official announcement has been made just yet. According to the guys at the, the carmaker will produce and additional three new models which, as we said above, are expected to enter the company’s lineup in the nearby future.

“A lot of customers would like to stay with the brand when they need something bigger and a Volvo or a BMW will not do. MINIs have go-kart handling, emotional design, exude Britishness and be profitable”, as Harald Kreuger, the recently appointed MINI brand board member told the source mentioned above.

Unfortunately no more details are known about the three models which should hit the MINI production line soon in the shape of a sedan, of a sports car and of a new crossover, but a production of the Rocketman concept has been ruled out. We will keep you updated on the subject once more details will be announced.