Mini Withdraws the Clubvan From the US Due to Sluggish Sales image

The extremely poor sales of the Mini Clubvan made the automaker decide to withdraw the model from the US market.

Since it was launched earlier this year, the 2013 Mini Clubvan sold only 50 units in the US. Analysts say that there are two main causes for the model’s failure in the US. One would be the so-called “chicken tax”, which is the 25% tax on any imported light truck to the US, and the other reason might be the high price of the vehicle, as it is a premium van.

The 2013 Mini Clubvan is based on the Mini Clubman small wagon, but the first one has the rear seat removed and the rear side windows blanked out. The model kept the Clubman’s third side door and the vertically split rear doors.

Nathalie Bauters, Mini Communications Manager at Mini USA, said that the decision to withdraw the model was taken due to “relatively low demand and the effect of an excessive 25-percent tax on vehicles for commercial use”. Although unsuccessful in the US, the Clubvan was well received in other markets, especially those with tax advantages on small commercial vehicles.