Mirrow Provocator is a clever city car design image

Alexander Malyshev is a designer who imagined a very detailed project for a future city car, named the Mirrow Provocator, and coming with clever solutions to daily issues.

This still virtual vehicle has room enough for four passengers and luggage but it fits roughly in the same size slot as a Smart ForTwo. Using a tubular frame and numerous bits and pieces made from polymers, Malyshev explains, the body can effortlessly adapt and absorb and distribute the force of an impact in the unfortunate case of an accident. The interesting tidbits start with the access area – both for the driver and rest of passengers there’s a door at the rear of the vehicle – the side doors are still there but only accessible in case of an emergency – the construction, says the author, delivers “the highest level of safety,” via the rally car-inspired cage.

Inside the concept we see the minimalism design school at work, though amenities such as adjustable steering wheel, power windows, mirrors, seats, and sunroof, entertainment system for the rear seats and navigation system are still present. Features on the optional list include xenon projector headlights, automatic transmission, rain and light sensors, and cruise control. The Provocator can even be had in two versions – classic and alternative powertrain. The former will see the installation of a three-cylinder turbocharged petrol or diesel engine with up to 1.5 liters of displacement. The latter is either hybrid or fully electric would make use of a massive battery pack located underneath the floor and delivering a range of 217-249 miles (350-400 kilometers).