Mitsubishi Boss Calls French Minister a ‘Retard’ image

Recently Arnaud Montebourg, French Minister of Industrial Recovery, was the target of the head of Mitsubishi France, Jean-Claude Debard’s criticism.

Mr Montebourg has struggled to convince the Gallic motorists to ‘buy French’ and even gave geberous subsidies for the customers who chose to buy environmentally friendly cars and penalized those who opted for high-emission vehicles. This move was criticized by Jean-Claude Debard, at the launch of the automaker’s new SUV in Cap d’Antibes, southern France.

“This mental case, this retard, increases ecological taxes, reduces the speed motorists can go on Paris’ ring road and ruins the life of motorists from all social origins all suffer as a result of him. He is stupid and understands nothing, you can quote me on that,” said Debard.

He added that Mr Montebourg doesn’t seem to care that the auto sector represents 10% of the jobs in France and 25% of the country’s turnover and that while Germany keeps increasing, France’s auto industry is continuously hit by falling demand. Mr Debard said that last time he insulted Montebourg on television he was hit by a tax investigation.

Last week Mr Montebourg appeared in a national newspaper, wearing a stripped sailor top, promoting ‘Made in France’ products.