Mitsubishi Denies Report on Renault Alliance image

Mitsubishi denied report that Renault plans an alliance with the Japanese automaker.

Today, May 31st, Le Figaro newspaper published a report according to which Renault considers a partnership with Mitsubishi, which already cooperates with Nissan, the French automaker’s partner. Renault did not comment on this issue.

“This is not true,” a Mitsubishi Motors spokesman said.

The newspaper got its information from an unnamed Renault executive who is familiar with the situation, and who said that the French automaker was thinking about signing a partnership with Mitsubishi, similar with the alliances it has with other automakers.

“Nissan is already cooperating with Mitsubishi. Renault is looking for opportunities, but hasn’t yet decided for the moment,” a person familiar with the situation was quoted as telling the paper. “It could be the same type of project as the cooperation with Mercedes.”

Renault controls 43.4% of Nissan and has alliances with Daimler and Russia Avtovaz, developing several projects. Currently, Renault and Mercedes work together to develop future Smart and Twingo vehicles, engines and commercial vehicles.

In June, Nissan will begin selling its first minicar manufactured in partnership with Mitsubishi in Japan. Nissan has already begun manufacturing the minicar at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima plant located in the Okayama prefecture. Beginning with June the vehicle will be sold as the Nissan DAYZ and Mitsubishi eK Wagon.
Source: Reuters