Mitsubishi e-Evolution is the concept for an upcoming range-topper image

The Japanese automaker – now part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance – is ready to start its ascension back to automotive stardom, and it’s going to kick off their new strategy with an upcoming concept for a flagship model to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Mitsubishi has initiated the habitual teaser marketing campaign for the upcoming new prototype “very high-performance automobile” it will have on the show floor of the home Tokyo event next month, with this completely new concept taking the shape of a coupe-SUV. It most likely serves as a preview for an all-new flagship of the brand, with the e-Evolution also delivering outstanding performance thanks to the advanced green powertrain and all-wheel drive, fully wrapped in the highly controversial, but rising in popularity coupe-SUV body style.

The automaker also hints towards the arrival of “advanced artificial intelligence technology” – so we’re pretty sure we’re getting connected and autonomous features as well. The teaser depicts a five-door SUV with good ground clearance, humongous concept-like wheels, flush door handles and cameras in lieu of outside mirrors (these are actually legal in Japan). The rear seems to deliver the impression of flying buttresses, an illusion created by the two extensions of the roof-mounted spoiler, and we also noticed the fashionable LED taillights.