Mitsubishi e-Evolution teased in time for Tokyo reveal image

The “Evo” moniker is getting ready for a core transformation – fans need to understand the old shenanigans are over – as Mitsubishi is heralding an all-new age with the arrival of the Tokyo-bound e-Evolution concept.

We’re not entirely sure we really want the Evo moniker to survive in this form, but after all, as the song goes “Times they are a changing” so we need to go with the flow. The e-Evolution concept is being presented in the latest teaser pictures as a modern, futuristic-looking crossover that will feature an edgy, certainly polarizing, design. It serves as an appropriate pre-course for the upcoming Mitsubishi models – with the CUV being a true showcar, with huge wheels, side cameras, futuristic LED lights and no conventional door handles. An Evo zero-emissions crossover – it’s a fully electric concept – might not be to everyone’s liking, but well – even the Eclipse is a crossover now.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution teased in time for Tokyo reveal 3

At least the e-Evolution concept is labeled as a performance machine, ditching the internal combustion engine of old in favor of a triumvirate of electric motors. One is linked to the front wheels while the other two give it a rear-wheel drive bias, with available AWD and electronically controlled torque vectoring. Mitsubishi also uses the e-Evolution to preview its Artificial Intelligence system with sensors and cameras that help the drive cope with everyday traffic.