Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross teased for Geneva reveal image

The iconic Eclipse moniker is staging a comeback, though it’s not exactly how fans of the sports car imagined – as the Cross part of the name directly relates to crossover.

The early rumors about Mitsubishi dusting off the Eclipse moniker for a new model panned out – but the beloved nameplate is not to be used for a sports car like during the four generation run between 1989 and 2012. Instead the name will be slapped on the back of a new crossover – the new “Eclipse Cross” is Mitsubishi’s new model that joins the SUV family in between the ASX and Outlander – with the premiere to be featured during the Geneva Motor Show on March 7.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross teased for Geneva reveal 2

The teasers show the Eclipse Cross to be heavily inspired by the XR-PHEV concept first showed back in February 2013 and then again in February 2015 as the XR-PHEV II. Mitsubishi’s designers have apparently decided on an angular design with a massive character line at the door handle level as well as a sloping roofline for a sporty-oriented design. The new Eclipse Cross will feature a pair of high-mounted taillights interconnected through a red light bar, a prominent grille up front and the headlights will feature an LED strip of daytime running lights.